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Oral Exam Seminars

We now offer seminars in preparation for the anesthesia oral board exams.  These seminars are unique in that not only will you learn how to prepare for and surpass the expectations of the ABA examiners by practicing mock oral exams in a one on one setting, but you will also learn memory enhancement techniques, as well as public speaking and presentation skills that will help you survive in the high pressure environment of the oral board examination room. 

Each conference day will devote 1 hour to speaking skills development, and 1 hour to memory enhancement, and case "stem" analysis, organization, and presentation.  Finally, we will spend 6 hours undergoing mock oral examinations.  With the candidate's permission, the mock oral exams will be recorded and reviewed with the candidate, so that immediate feedback can be provided and improvements instituted.  

2014 Oral Board Seminar Schedule:
  • October 9-12, 2014 in Phoenix, AZ

The price of a 3 day seminar is $1500.  This fee includes a copy of the Beyond Anesthesia board review book which will be mailed to the candidate upon registration.  Alternatively, candidates can attend individual days during a seminar for $500 per day (this will not include a copy of the book).
If interested in attending any of the seminars please click "add to cart" and complete the registration process.  A confirmation e-mail will be sent to confirm your registration.  Please do not book flight or hotel accommodations prior to receiving a confirmation email from us.
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Online Mock Exams

Dr. Moshiri also offers online mock exams for interested applicants at a nominal fee.  These sessions will be available by appointment only and will be conducted via internet web conferencing.  The cost for each mock oral examination is $100 and includes a 30-40 minute examination followed by a 10-20 minute review of the exam.  Applicants may purchase online mock exams by clicking below:
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