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Beyond Anesthesia is a detailed and intensive board review book containing the core knowledge needed to pass the written and the oral board certification examination as administered by the American Board of Anesthesia.  Mastering the material contained within this book will ensure your success, guaranteed!  Beyond Anesthesia is also intended to be a study guide for the seasoned Anesthesiologist preparing for the MOCA re-certification "cognitive" examination.
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Preparing for the Oral Board Examination is one of the most intense and anxiety inducing events in the life of an Anesthesiologist.  This book is intended to help teach the Oral Board Candidate the skills and the techniques needed to succeed in this arena. It contains memory enhancement, oral presentation, and public speaking techniques along with numerous mock oral board examinations along with guidelines and a systematic manner in which to approach, analyze, and prepare for the difficult cases that one will face on the actual examination day.
To master the oral board examination, one must be comfortable with the core knowledge that was used to pass the written examination.  One must also be diligent and "polish" one's verbal skills in order to prepare and produce intelligent answers to difficult questions and circumstances. 

While the board review book "Beyond Anesthesia" will provide the candidate with the knowledge needed to master the boards, this book will act as the guide needed to prepare the candidate for the oral board examination. 

Beyond Pain is a detailed and intensive review of the core knowledge needed to pass the pain board certification exam. It contains all the essential information that you must know while omitting the extra verbiage found in most typical text books.  This book condenses complex and challenging subjects into easy to understand topics.  No other book contains all the information you need in such an easy to understand manner in one single location. 
This book was written with excellence and a commitment to success in mind if you use this book as recommended you will pass the Pain Management Board Certification Exam.
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This is the complete Study Guide companion to the pain management board review book Beyond Pain. This guide is designed to work in synchrony with the board review book and assess the user's mastery of the information contained in Beyond Pain.  The study companion contains questions in multiple formats which correspond to each of the 38 chapters and subsections of the original board review book.  Together, Beyond Pain and this Study Companion are an extremely useful tool in promoting active learning and in assuring complete mastery of the information needed to pass the Pain Management Board Certification Exam as administered by the ABA.
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