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It is unfortunate that despite all of the medical training we undergo, we receive almost no education in Asset Protection, Tax Reduction, and Wealth Preservation.  I'm not an attorney or an accountant but I've learned a great number of lessons on the path to financial security on a personal level and from a business perspective.

As I started private practice I realized how uneducated and ill prepared I had been regarding the business side of medicine and financial planning.  Consequently, as I started writing Beyond Anesthesia, I asked my personal financial planner to assist me in developing a book that would educate doctors in the field of "financial management".  As such, with his permission, I have enclosed a  chapter from his book titled Financial Planning Fundamentals for New Doctors.  I don't receive any "kick backs" for recommending this book to you.  I just hope that this chapter serves as a good introduction and encourages you to ask the right questions regarding your financial health.  Mr. Larry Seaman who authored the book is always happy to apply his extensive knowledge to each individual client’s needs.  His contact information is included at the end of the sample chapter for your reference.  The full version of his book can be found on Amazon or your local bookstore.

My goal is to share my experiences with you and to help you achieve financial security and success in your life as I have in mine.  Each person's goals will be different depending on the stage of life they are in, but one thing always remains the same.  One must acquire and exercise good financial and business knowledge to be successful in today's atmosphere.  When possible I always refer you to those who are qualified to handle the various questions and dilemmas that may be affecting you specifically.  For now I draw you attention to the following documents which has been reproduced with permission.  I hope this will be helpful in getting you started.  Please check back again soon as I plan on updating this aspect of our website soon.

Monetary Decisions for Doctors

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